Pink Floyd
Compact Disc Discography

by Vernon Fitch and Ivan Quezada Arriaga

© copyright Vernon Fitch / The Pink Floyd Archives

This is a discography of Pink Floyd compact disc albums (CDs) that were released in Chile.

Any comments, corrections or additions to this discography would be appreciated.

Compact Disc Information

  1. Chilean CD Information:

    Most compact discs in Chile are made by Laser Disc Chile. This company does work for numerous record companies, including Sony Music. They have plants in Chile, Argentina, Peru and Costa Rica, and feature their own CD mastering service.

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Compact Discs

Pink Floyd

  1. The Final Cut
    1. Columbia / Sony Music

Pink Floyd Compact Discs

The Final Cut CD

Title: The Final Cut
Record Company: Columbia/Sony Music Entertainment Chile Ltd.
Catalog Number: 2 25416
Bar Code: 5 099702 541626
Matrix Information:
1) 09550 – L.D.CHILE – SONY – 25416
Release Date: 2002
Release Information: Chilean pressed issue.
Track Peak Levels: 69.3 / 67.8 / 21.5 / 90.4 / 75.2 / 47.7 / 61.9 / 67.0 / 20.8 / 63.0 / 88.6 / 53.1
Front Cover: Black with poppy and service medals. Title across the top. 2-page booklet.
Back Cover: Title. Song listing. Bar code in lower right corner, below the picture of a soldier with a knife on his back. In the lower left corner, it says "(C) 1983 by Pink Floyd Music Published Ltd. London. (P) 2002 Sony Music Entertainment Chile Ltda. Fabricado y distribuído por Sony Music Entertainment Chile Ltda."
Label: Black label with text in white. Title at top. "Columbia. (C) 1983 by Pink Floyd Music Published Ltd. London. Fabricado y distribuído por Sony Music Entertainment Chile Ltda. Sony Music Special Marketing. 2 25416. Reservados todos los derechos de productores y autores de las obras registradas en este fonograma. Prohibida su reproducción, arriend, préstamo, ejecución pública y/o radiodifusión. Ley 17.336. HECHO EN CHILE."