Pink Floyd
Compilation & Sampler LP Discography

by Vernon Fitch

with contributions from Tor Martin Kristiansen

© copyright Vernon Fitch / The Pink Floyd Archives

This is a discography of vinyl compilation albums (LPs) that have been released (pressed or printed) in Denmark by Pink Floyd.

Any comments, corrections or additions to this discography are appreciated.

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  1. Compilations

    1. Relics
    2. Masters of Rock
    3. The Best of the Pink Floyd
    4. A Nice Pair

  2. Samplers

    1. Autumn Hits '72
    2. Harvest Sweeties


Relics LP

Title: Relics
Record Company: EMI Disc Records
Catalog Numbers: cover: 1 C048-50 740; back cover: 1 C048-50 740 L; label: 6E 048-50740
Matrix Information: (side 1 / side 2)
SRS 5071 A-1 / SRS 5071 B-2 (both printed)
Front Cover: Nick Mason drawing. Laminated.
Inner Sleeve: Orange inner sleeve with emidisc printed in white.
Back Cover: Catalog number in upper right corner.
Labels: Orange / black EMIDisc label. EMIDisc logo at top.
To the right of the spindle hole, it says "NCB Stereo / p1971 / All rights reserved / Made in Denmark."

Masters of Rock, Vol. 1 LP

Title: Masters Of Rock Vol. 1
Record Company: EMI / Harvest
Catalog Numbers:
Cover: 1C 054-04 299 G
Label: 6C 054 04299
Release Date: 1974
Release Information: Issued in a German cover, but with Danish labels..
Front Cover: PINK FLOYD in golden metallic 3D-letters on a gold-brown underground. Glossy. In the upper left corner 1C 054-04 299 and the Harvest-logo. At the bottom is the text MASTERS OF ROCK VOL. 1 written on the Union Jack.
Back Cover: At the top is the tracklisting and the title MASTER OF ROCK in red letters. In the upper right corner the number 1C 054-4299. In the middle the history of the band in German and English. In the lower half is a discography with cover-photos from A NICE PAIR, THE DARK SIDE OF THE MOON (prism upside down), OBSCURED BY CLOUDS and ATOM HEART MOTHER. At the bottom is the EMI/ELECTROLA-logo. The tracklisting lists: Mathilda Mother and Candy And A Current Bun.
Labels: Yellow-green Harvest label.
On the left side, above the word Harvest, it says:

All rights of the manufacturer and the owner of the recorded work reserved. Unauthorized public performance, broadcasting and copying of this record prohibited. 33 1/3 rpm. Made in Denmark.

The Best of the Pink Floyd LP

Title: The Best of the Pink Floyd
Record Company: Columbia Records
Catalog Numbers:
Cover: 5C 054-04299
Label: 6E 054 04299
Release Information: Dutch cover with album made in Denmark. Same as Masters of Rock.
Cover: Group photo.
Labels: Black Columbia label.

A Nice Pair 2-LP
(pictured with round blue sticker on the cover)

Title: A Nice Pair
Record Label: Harvest Records
Catalog Number: SHDW 403
Matrix Information: (side 1 / side 2 / side 3 / side 4)
1) YAX-3419 / YAX-3420 / YAX-3633 / YAX-3634 (all stamped)
Release Information: Danish issue with the W.R. Phang picture in the top right of the front cover, and a round blue "Special Double Album" sticker pasted over the W.R. Phang sign. Cover made in the U.K. Record made in Denmark.
Description: Gatefold cover.
Cover: Nine pictures. W.R. Phang picture in the top right.
Cover Sticker: Issued with a round blue "Special Double Album, Only 2.50" sticker pasted over the W.R. Phang sign.
Labels: Yellow-green Harvest label.


Autumn Hits `72 sampler LP

Title: Autumn Hits `72
Record Company: Columbia Records
Catalog Numbers:
Cover: 5C 048-24 755
Labels: 6E 048 24755
Matrix Information: (side 1 / side 2)
1) 6E 048-24755-A / 6E 048-24755-B (both written)
Release Information: This is the album, Herfst Hits `72, released under the title Autumn Hits `72. This LP includes the Pink Floyd song, Free Four. Other artists include: The Cats-Take Me With You, The Hollies-Man Without A Heart, Brian Hyland-Sealed With A Kiss, The Dizzy Man's Band-Jumbo, Helen Reddy-I Don't Know How To Love Him, Hurricane Smith-Oh Babe, What Would You Say, Deep Purple-Child In Time, The Platters-Smoke Gets In Your Eyes, Christian Anders-Es faehrt ein Zug nach Nirgendwo, and Los Diablos-Oh Oh July.
Front Cover: Title with track listing, woman in leaves. Glossy.
Back Cover: Song listing. Album covers. Matte. The word "export" is next to the catalog number.
Labels: Black Columbia labels. STEMRA. Made in Denmark.

Harvest Sweeties sampler LP

Title: Harvest Sweeties
Record Company: Harvest Records
Catalog Numbers:
Cover: 5C 048-24338
Labels: 6E 048 24338
Matrix Information: (side 1 / side 2)
1) 5C048 24338A//14977-2-2 2 1 / 5C048 24338B//14978-2-2 3 1 5 (both written, except 2 1 / 3 1 5 stamped)
Release Information: A sampler that includes Syd Barrett-Octopus, Pink Floyd-If, and Geesin & Waters-Breathe. Other artists include Deep Purple-Black Night, Greatest Show On Earth-Tell The Story, Michael Chapman-Postcards Of Scarborough, Barclay James Harvest-Song For Dying, Kevin Ayers-Colores Para Dolores, Pretty Things-October 26, and Edgar Broughton Band-Apache Drop Out.
Front Cover: A glass jar with sweets. Glossy.
Back Cover: Song listing. Album covers. Matte.
Labels: Yellow / green Harvest labels. NCB. Made in Denmark.