Pink Floyd
Video 2000 Videotape Discography

by Vernon Fitch

© copyright Vernon Fitch / The Pink Floyd Archives

This is a discography of Pink Floyd video 2000 videotapes that were released in Germany.

Any comments, corrections or additions to this discography would be appreciated.

Video 2000 videotapes are different than VHS and Beta videotapes. These tapes, which were developed by Philips, featured a data track in addition to the video track, a unique DTF tracking mechanism, and dynamic noise supression. V2000 tapes are played/recorded on both sides, requiring you to flip the videotape to play each side. A special V2000 playback device is required to play these tapes.

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Video 2000 Videotapes

  1. Performance Videos

    1. Rock Fieber

Rock Fieber Video 2000 Videotape
Atlas Videothek

Title: Rock Fieber
Record Company: Atlas Videothek
Catalog Number: 3-28104
Bar Code: None.
Format: PAL
Release Information: German Video 2000 release of the film Stamping Ground. Features Pink Floyd performing the songs Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun, and A Saucerful of Secrets at the Kralingen Pop Festival in Holland in 1970.
Cover: Title cover.
Shell: Black tape shell.