Pink Floyd
Box Set LP Discography

by Vernon Fitch

with contributions from Alessandro Pomponi

© copyright Vernon Fitch / The Pink Floyd Archives

This is a discography of vinyl box sets (LPs) that have been released in Italy by Pink Floyd.

Any comments, corrections or additions to this discography are appreciated.

Matrix dates: Italian records have dates etched in the runoff groove of the vinyl along with the matrix numbers. These dates, which often vary from side to side, are stamped in the vinyl in European date format, such as 12-9-73 (indicating September 12, 1973), and are often followed by a Roman numeral. Known matrix dates for each side of an LP, and Roman numerals, are indicated in this discography.

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  1. Box Sets

    1. Progressive Story
    2. The Pink Floyd Collection

Box Sets

Progressive Story 4-LP box set

Title: Progressive Story
Record Company: EMI / Harvest Records
Catalog Number: 3C 162-50 132 / 135 Y
Release Date: 1977
Release Information: A four-album box set that includes the Pink Floyd album, The Piper at the Gates of Dawn. Also includes Children Of Future by the Steve Miller Band, Ars Longa Vita Brevis by The Nice, and The Book Of Taliesyn by Deep Purple. Includes a four-page insert with the story of each band.
Cover: Green box with title. In the upper left corner are the catalog number, the EMI logo, and the word Stereo.
Labels: Capitol, Columbia, Harvest, and Immediate labels. The Pink Floyd album has a blue / white Columbia label.

The Pink Floyd Collection 10-LP box set

Title: The Pink Floyd Collection
Record Company: EMI Records
Catalog Numbers:
First issue: 3C 162-53826138
Second issue: 13-62 1538263
Albums & Matrix Dates: (side 2 / side 2 / side 3 / side 4)
A Nice Pair: 14-11-1980 / 14-11-1980 / 26-3-1986 / 26-3-1986
More: 5-5-1980 / 21-1-1983
Ummagumma: 13-11-1980 / 19-10-1983 / 27-2-1984 / 14-4-1982
Atom Heart Mother: 17-11-1986 V / 17-11-1986 VI
Meddle: 28-10-1982 / 17-12-1982
Obscured by Clouds: 14-11-1980 / 14-11-1980
Dark Side of the Moon: 20-1-1983 / 2-2-1984
Wish You Were Here: 1-12-1982 / 26-11-1982 (covered in black shrink wrap with a round WYWH sticker)
Animals: 16-12-1981 / 16-12-1981
The Wall: 20-11-1986 / 20-11-1986 / 20-11-1986 / 24-11-1986
Release Information: A limited edition 10-LP box set.
Cover: White brick wall.
Dark Side of the Moon Inserts:
1) A blue pyramid poster. There is no text on the poster.
2) A six-pane group shot poster in landscape style. There is no text on the poster.
3) Two Pink Floyd self-adhesive stickers, one yellow and one brown, with no text on the back.