Richard Wright
Vinyl LP Discography

by Vernon Fitch

with contributions from Ingo Brode

© copyright Vernon Fitch / The Pink Floyd Archives

This is a discography of vinyl solo albums (LPs) that have been released in Italy by Richard Wright.

Any comments, corrections or additions to this discography are appreciated.

Matrix dates: Italian records have dates etched in the runoff groove of the vinyl along with the matrix numbers. These dates, which often vary from side to side, are stamped in the vinyl in European date format, such as 12-9-73 (indicating September 12, 1973), and are often followed by a Roman numeral. Known matrix dates for each side of an LP, and Roman numerals, are indicated in this discography.

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Vinyl Albums

  1. Richard Wright

    1. Wet Dream
    2. Zee - Identity

Richard Wright

Richard Wright
Wet Dream LP
Harvest Records

Title: Wet Dream
Record Company: Harvest Records
Catalog Number: 3C 064-61612
Matrix Information: (side 1 / side 2)
1) 6161-2-A - 11-10-78 I / 6161-2-B - 11-10-78 I (both stamped)
Description: Gatefold cover.
Front Cover: Ship side.
Back Cover: Song listing.
Labels: Yellow / green Harvest labels.
Text around the top edge of the label starts at 11 o'clock and says:

Riservati tutti i diritti del produttore fonografico e del proprietario dell opera riprodotta.

Text around the bottom edge of the label starts at 11 o'clock and says:

Vietata duplicazione pubblica esecuzione radiodiffusione di questo disco - Made In Italy.

Title: Zee - Identity
Record Company: Harvest Records
Catalog Number: 64-2401011
Matrix Dates: (side 1 / side 2)
1) 9-5-84 / 9-5-84
Cover: Zee logo.
Label: Harvest label.