Richard Wright
LP Discography

by Vernon Fitch

with contributions from Ingo Brode & Tor Martin Kristiansen

© copyright Vernon Fitch / The Pink Floyd Archives

This is a discography of solo vinyl albums (LPs) that have been released in Japan by Rick Wright.

Any comments, corrections or additions to this discography are appreciated.

  1. Matrix Information: Matrix information is the letters and numbers etched into the vinyl near the label, in the runoff groove at the end of each side of a record.
    Matrix information may include:
    1. Catalog number.
    2. Lacquer number.
    3. Record pressing plant.
    The matrix information listed in this discography is not intended to be complete listings. This is known matrix information only.

  2. obi strips: An obi is a paper band that is wrapped around the cover of a Japanese album to provide the consumer with information about the record in Japanese. Information on an obi may include the name of the artist, title of the album, type of music, song titles, price of the LP, and special release information (red vinyl, master sound, etc.). These bands, which are named after the sash worn with a Japanese kimono, are very collectible and add value to the accompanying album. Assorted releases are pictured with obi strips throughout this discography.
    Promos: Since the purpose of obi strips is to give purchasing information to the consumer, many promotional releases were not issued with an obi strip. All the early Odeon and Toshiba white label promo releases did not come with an obi strip. However, the later CBS / Sony promo releases had obi strips, as their promo LPs were just regular releases with promotional printing added to the labels.

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  1. Richard Wright

    1. Wet Dream (Master Sound 76 Series)

  2. Samplers

    1. CBS / Sony 1978

Richard Wright

Wet Dream LP with obi
CBS / Sony Master Sound 76 Series

Title: Wet Dream
Record Company: CBS / Sony Records
Catalog Number: 25AP 1141
Matrix Information: (side 1 / side 2)
1) 25AP-1141A1 1 A 1 / 25AP-1141B1 1 A 4 (both stamped)
2) 25AP-1141A1 1 A 2 / 25AP-1141B1 1 A 2 (both stamped) (promo labels)
3) 25AP-1141A1 1 A 2 / 25AP-1141B1 1 A 5 (both stamped)
4) 25AP-1141A2 1 A 2 / 25AP-1141B1 1 A 12 (both stamped)
Release Date: 1978
Original Price: Y2,500
Release Information: Sony Master Sound 76 series.
Description: Gatefold cover
Front Cover: A boat, and title.
Back Cover: A boat, and song titles. In the lower right corner is the catalog number, and the CBS / Sony logo.
Inside Cover: A boat, and credits.
Inner Sleeve: Special white Master Sound inner sleeve. At the bottom of the backside it says: CBS/SONY INC. TOKYO JAPAN M-313 7804 JS.
Insert: [1] 2-page white insert with title, catalog number, song listings in Japanese and English, additional text in Japanese, and lyrics in English and Japanese.
obi: Blue / pink Master Sound 76 obi.
Labels (promo): Red CBS / Sony Master Sound promotional labels.
Labels: Red CBS / Sony Master Sound labels.
Text around the bottom half of the label starts at 9 o'clock says:

All rights of the manufacturer and of the owner of the recorded work reserved. Unauthorized public performance, broadcasting and copying of the record prohibited. CBS / Sony, Inc. Tokyo, Japan.


CBS / Sony sampler LP

Title: CBS / Sony 1978
Record Company: CBS / Sony Records
Catalog Number: YAPC-102
Matrix Information: (side 1 / side 2)
1) YAPC-102A1 1A1/YAPC-102B1 1A1 (both stamped)
Release Date: 1978
Release Information: DJ promo sampler that features the Richard Wright songs, Mediterranean C, Against The Odds, Holiday, Mad Yannis Dance. Also includes songs by Chicago, and Blue Oyster Cult.
Cover: White with inserts. Front insert has pictures of each album cover, along with song titles, and Japanese text.
Label: White promo labels that states "Sample Not For Sale."