Pink Floyd
CD Discography

by Vernon Fitch

© copyright Vernon Fitch / The Pink Floyd Archives

with contributions from Steve Bennett

This is a discography of compact discs samplers (CDs) that have been released in Sweden that include Pink Floyd.

Any comments, corrections or additions to this discography would be appreciated.

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Compact Discs

  1. Samplers

    1. vinter 01/02

Sampler CDs

vinter 01/02 CD

Title: vinter 01/02
Record Company: EMI Records
Catalog Number: PCD 45
Matrix Information:
1) Bottom: PCD45 11110815 DCM Sweden
Release Information: A sampler CD that includes the Pink Floyd song, Comfortably Numb.
Front Cover: Black title sleeve. Hard paper gatefold sleeve.
Back Cover: Artists and song titles.
Inside Cover: Credits. Disc slides in from the inside, opposite the white page with black text.
Label: Black EMI label.