­­The Final Cut

A History of Pink Floyd 1982-1983




Frequently Asked Questions


The following is a list of frequently asked questions about the book, The Final Cut – A History of Pink Floyd 1982-1983


Q: Can anyone buy this book?

A: This book is a companion book to the book Comfortably Numb - A History of the Wall, and, as such, it is being offered only to PFA subscribers on a limited basis. If you are a PFA subscriber, you qualify to buy this book (subscribers may buy as many copies of this book as they want, until our supply runs out).


Q: How do I become a PFA subscriber?

A: To become a PFA subscriber, all you need to do is to purchase a copy of the book Comfortably Numb – A History of The Wall. Copies are still available and can be ordered here. Once you are a subscriber, you will qualify to buy this and future publications from PFA Publishing that will be offered solely to our subscribers.


Q: How many copies of the deluxe limited edition book The Final Cut were printed, and where can I buy a copy?

A: Only 1,500 copies of this deluxe edition of the book were printed, and quite a few copies are on reserve. The remaining copies are available for purchase on a first come/first serve basis to our subscribers. Each copy is numbered and signed by the author. Copies of the book can be purchased directly from PFA Publishing, Inc. at www.PFApublishing.com.


Q: How long did it take to write this book, and what research methods were used in researching the history of The Final Cut?

A: This book is the culmination of a research project undertaken by Vernon Fitch that took over eight years to complete. It began with an examination of every bit of information previously in existence about The Final Cut, in books, magazines, radio interviews, etc. After sorting through all of the existing information, the process of verification began, and missing parts of the story were then researched and filled in.


Q: Who are some of the people that contributed to the information included in the book?

A: The people who were involved in the writing/researching of this book are those who were involved in the making of the album.

James Guthrie, one of The Final Cut album producers/engineers spent a great deal of time discussing the recording of The Final Cut album with Vernon Fitch. Guthrie, who played an integral part in the history of The Final Cut, contributed significant pieces of information that now appear for the first time in this book.

William Christie, who worked with Roger Waters on creating The Final Cut film, and did the album cover, provided unique insights about the projects.

Andy Jackson, Pink Floyd’s recording engineer, who was in charge of many of the recording session for the album, added information about the sessions.

These are just some of the numerous contributors to this book.


Q: Did Roger Waters participate in the writing of this book?

A: No. This is not Roger Waters’ version of The Final Cut story. This book is an independently researched account of the history of The Final Cut. Roger Waters was notified of the writing of this book, and was sent drafts of the book. Waters did contribute to the book by granting permission to print the lyrics that are sung on The Final Cut album, as well as the use of screen shots from The Final Cut film.


Q: Is The Final Cut book a paperback or hardcover book?

A: The Final Cut – A History of Pink Floyd 1982-1983 is a deluxe hardcover book with a glossy black cover. It features a beautiful, full-color dust jacket, black end leaves, and glossy full-color pages throughout. It also includes over 150 full-color pictures throughout the book.


Q: What are the rare and previously unpublished photographs that are featured in the book?

A: In researching the history of The Final Cut, people who were interviewed for this book were asked if they had any photographs that were taken during The Final Cut period. In so doing, many rare photographs that had resided only in personal photo collections were unearthed. These include pictures of the band at work in the studio during the recording of The Final Cut album, as well as photographs of the Holophonic recording process. These rare pictures are published for the first time in this book.