­­The Final Cut

A History of Pink Floyd 1982-1983­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­




Table of Contents



Chapter 1: Pink Floyd - From The Wall to The Final Cut


Spare Bricks

Album Production Timeline

The Falkland Islands Conflict

“Topical Lyrics” by James Guthrie

Pink Floyd in 1982


Chapter 2: Recording Sessions


The Studios

            Pinewood Dubbing Theatre

            The Billiard Room

            “Easy days, difficult days and Michael Kamen’s humour” by James Guthrie

            Hook End Recording Studios

            Abbey Road Studios

            “Abbey Road” by James Guthrie

            Michael Kamen

            Audio International Studios

            Eel Pie Studios

            Olympic Studios

            RAK Recording Studios

            Mayfair Studios

Recording Processes & Track Sheets

Musical Instruments

            David Gilmour

            Nick Mason

            Roger Waters

A Final Cut Demo

The Hero’s Return, part II


Chapter 3: Holophonics & Sound Effects


Holophonics” by James Guthrie

A Look at Holophonic Recording Locations with comments by James Guthrie

            Richmond Park

            Railway Yard (Your Possible Pasts)

            Richmond Church

            Mayfair Studios

Recording the Sound Effects - People and Places

            Get Your Filthy Hands Off MyDesert

            TwoSuns in the Sunset

            Paranoid Eyes

            Not Now John

            The PostWarDream

Pre-recorded Sound Effects

The Holophonic Release


Chapter 4: When the Tigers Broke Free


Recording History

When the Tigers Broke Free

The Single

Chart Positions


Chapter 5: Completing the Album


Graphics - The Album Cover

            Distinguished Flying Cross

            1939-1945 Star

            Africa Star

            Defense Medal

TheRecord Labels

Eric Fletcher Waters

The Production Credits

The Final Mixdown

The Album Release

Chart Positions for The Final Cut Album

The single Not Now John / The Hero’s Return, parts I & II

Chart Positions for the Not Now John single


Chapter 6: The Final Cut Album


Side 1

            The Post War Dream

            Your Possible Pasts

            One of the Few

            The Hero’s Return

            The Gunner’s Dream

            Paranoid Eyes

Side 2

            Get Your Filthy Hands Off My Desert

            The Fletcher Memorial Home

            Southampton Dock

            The Final Cut

            Not Now John

            Two Suns in the Sunset

Album Reviews


Chapter 7: Putting The Final Cut on Film


A FinalCut Video EP

Making The Final Cut Film

The Final Cut Film (song by song)

            The Gunner’s Dream

            The Final Cut

            Not Now John

            The Fletcher Memorial Home

            The End Credits


Chapter 8: Remastering The Final Cut (2004)


Adding an Extra Song

Release Information


Chapter 9: Through a Fish-Eyed Lens


Appendix A: TheFinalCut Discography


When the Tigers Broke Free/Bring the Boys Back Home

The FinalCut Album

Not Now John (obscured version)/The Hero’s Return, parts I & II

Compilation and Sampler Albums


The FinalCut Video EP