­­­­Comfortably Numb

A History of “The Wall”




Table of Contents



Chapter 1: Pink Floyd - From the London Underground to The Wall


The Early Years

Set the Controls

The Trappings of Success

The Animals Tour

Piecing Together The Wall

Roger Waters’ Original Wall Demo


Chapter 2: Recording The Wall Album


Assembling the Production Team

Album Production Timeline

Production Sessions Begin in London

Clarifying The Wall Story

The First Production Demo

The Wall production demo, January 9, 1979

Recording Continues at Britannia Row

The Second Production Demo

The Wall production demo, March 23, 1979

Sessions in the French Mountains

New York Recording Sessions

Toronto Recording Sessions

Creating a Rough Mix in London

The Wall production demo, August 11-12, 1979

Recording Equipment

Another Brick in the Wall, part 2

Comfortably Numb

The Departure of Richard Wright

Sessions in Los Angeles

Toni Tennille and The Wall

Sound Effects

Television & Movie Ambience

Final Production Sessions in Los Angeles

A Backwards Message

Completing The Wall

Visual Elements by Gerald Scarfe

Unveiling The Wall

The Single, Another Brick in the Wall, part 2

The Wall Album Released


Chapter 3: The Wall Album


The Wall Album Release Timeline

An Overview of The Wall Story

Song by Song Analysis

Album Reviews


Chapter 4: Preparing to Stage The Wall Live


Initial Ideas

The Slug Concept

Designing The Wall

Building The Wall

Creating the Stages

Inflatable Puppets

The Teacher Puppet

The Pink Doll

The Mother Inflatable

The Pig Inflatable

The Wife Puppet

The Stuka Airplane

Animation, Movies & Pictures

Lighting The Wall

Sound Matters

Sound Effects

Putting Together the Shadow Band

Planning the On-Stage Equipment Setup

Production Rehearsals

Creating the Surrogate Band Illusion

Announcing the Live Shows


Chapter 5: The Wall as Rock Theater


A Song By Song Examination of The Wall in Concert

Behind The Wall

The Cost of Staging The Wall

Recollections of The Wall Live


Chapter 6: The Individual Wall Performances


Show By Show Introductions and Stage Commentary

The Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena 1980

The Nassau Coliseum, New York 1980

Earls Court, London 1980

Westfalenhalle, Dortmund 1981

Earls Court, London 1981

Concert Reviews

A Declined Offer to Stage The Wall in a Stadium

Concert Films


Chapter 7: Is There Anybody Out There? - The Wall Live 1980-81


Live Wall Recordings

Producing The Wall Live Album

Dates of Performances on the Live Wall Album

New Song Titles

Dialog and Sound Effects

Cover Art

Release Information


Chapter 8: The Wall – Past, Present & Future


Looking Forward

Tributes to The Wall

Looking Back


Appendix A: Discography


Another Brick in the Wall, part 2 / One of My Turns

The Wall Album

Run Like Hell/Don’t Leave Me Now

Comfortably Numb/Hey You

Other Singles from The Wall

Compilation and Sampler Albums

Is There Anybody Out There? – The Wall Live 1980-81



Appendix B: Band Equipment


Musical Equipment Used to Record The Wall Album

Musical Equipment Used to Perform The Wall Live


Appendix C: Bibliography