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Top 9 Books That Really Rocked In 2006 by Dave White

1) Comfortably Numb: A History of "The Wall" Reigning Pink Floyd expert Vernon Fitch spent 10 years doing research for this lush coffee table book. Hundreds of photos and a wealth of new information make this a "must read" for Floyd fans. About Classic Rock online


5-star review - “Refreshingly specialist, remarkably in-depth, fantastically researched and presented as a limited edition hardback, this is the complete A-Z (or In The Flesh to Outside The Wall) of Roger Waters’ second most famous creation. ... Exemplary” David EasleaRecord Collector Magazine U.K.


Record Collector named Comfortably Numb one of the top 10 books of 2006. “The bricks in the wall, who laid them and what make of hod they used.”


“This is the book I've waited over 20 years for, and it's everything I ever wanted to know that they wouldn't tell me. I was in the front row every night at Earl's Court (both years) and I knew then that I was seeing the most brilliant show I'd ever see. That I got to play for Pink Floyd doesn't diminish that statement, I'm just thrilled to have played with the people who pulled off the ultimate piece of 20th Century Musical Theatre. Your book is Brilliant and circumspect.” Guy Pratt bassist for Pink Floyd (1987-2014)


“This monumental attempt to tell the story of Floyd’s concept album is the result of a decade’s worth of research by PF historian [Vernon] Fitch and ‘Wall researcher’ Richard Mahon. It’s as encyclopaedic as you’d expect – back story, recording, writing process, the live logistics of giant puppets and cutting edge light shows and even transcriptions of intros to songs are documented. The sections on the band’s gear and Gilmour’s effects are guaranteed to get the anorak fur standing on end too.” Guitarist Magazine, U.K.


“This lavish, full-color, hardcover tome is a complete geek treat, thanks to its beyond in-depth and encyclopedic compendium of just about everything you ever needed to know about the band's last great album. You want extensive interviews with the creators, rare photos, studio logs cataloging the time spent and equipment used on each track, and examinations (complete with transcribed stage patter) of every live "Wall" performance? It's all here. And if you've ever wondered how Toni Tennille (minus the Captain) came to sing backing vocals on the album, or what the symbolic significance of those marching hammers was, well ... the answers to those and every other question you could pose are here as well.” Jim DeRogatis The Chicago Sun-Times


"Comfortably Numb" contains a staggering level of detail - with no stone (or should I say, brick?) unturned; the book has every detail you could potentially wish for, and plenty more besides." Matt Johns - Brain Damage Online


“I whole heartedly recommend this book to all fans and anyone interested in Pink Floyd, their music, and history of The Wall. It is well worth the money and would be a unique, impressive and vital part of anyone’s collection or reference library. And as it’s a limited pressing, I’d advise any and all to buy it as soon as possible.” Reg – The International Roger Waters Fan Club.


There is no book out there that covers the creation of a specific album better than Vernon Fitch and Richard Mahon's "Comfortably Numb - A History of "The Wall": Pink Floyd 1978-1981". This limited edition read is hand numbered and signed by the authors. I bought mine last year and was utterly impressed with how much I learned from it. For instance, Floyd fans know that Richard Wright was fired from the band by Roger Waters due largely in part because of his lack of contribution to "The Wall". In "Comfortably Numb" the authors clearly layout who plays what on which song, demonstrating how much Wright actually contributes (which was far more than I expected). Roger Waters gave the authors permission to reprint the lyrics to album, and combined with some great pics from live performances, really adds to the worth of the book." Q107 Toronto, The Rock Report with Andrew from Club Q


"This book is a true collector’s item and a must have for true Pink Floyd fans. Over the years, I have had the good fortune to work with this band while at ABC, NBC, CBS and other broadcast facilities. Clearly, Pink Floyd has been one of the most success bands of our time. This rare book gives you an inside look behind that success." - Kurt Kelly, Professional Voice Artist - Actor


“What a REMARKABLE book! ... You will be blown away by the hundreds of colour photographs and other pictures in a book that eclipses all others. Seriously, this is the finest book of its type I've ever read (and I read for a living!)” - Wayne Shelor (Tampa, Florida)


“Within a few seconds of flipping through its pages, I was blown away. The amount of work and detail that went into this is daunting! ... The band themselves would be hard pressed to put out something as impressive as this.” – Ron Fleischer (Chicago, Illinois)


"I am overwhelmed by the amount of detail. It must have taken exhaustive research to gather that much information. Excellent work." - Steve Bennett (Waldorf, Maryland)


"The explanations and commentary from the band members and engineers flow so well together, that, reading through the pages is like sitting in on a round-table discussion with all of them there, watching an overhead picture presentation. It is THAT well pieced together." - Darren Daigle (Baton Rouge, Louisiana)


“How many other books can claim the benefit AND blessings of Roger Waters, David Gilmour, Nick Mason, James Guthrie, Phil Taylor et al? ... For a book not written by a band member, it may as well have been.” – John Roscoe (Cape May Court House, New Jersey)


"WOW! A goldmine for a Wall-fanatic!" - moonwalk (Sweden)


“If Grammy's were awarded for music books then Comfortably Numb would win one very easily.” - Norman Reid (Belfast, Northern Ireland)


"This is the best book about the staging and set up of a concert that I have ever read. This book will go in a special bookshelf of its own because no other book about Pink Floyd can touch it. Thanks so much for writing this wonderful book." - Michael Gontkosky (Whitehall, PA)


“without question, a copy of "comfortably numb" belongs in your horde, but....well, with no insult intended: for the cost of a reference book or the price of a coffee table book, these gents have produced _both_ in a single volume!” h.w. neff (bear) - Echoes e-mail list


"It's simply amazing!" - Maurizio Rossi (Varese, Italy)


“‘Comfortably Numb’ is, in my professional opinion (I am a professional librarian), one of the five best reference books in print...as an example of how to complete a book of this sort it is invaluable (and I hope future music historians take note), as a artifact it is pleasing to browse and a welcome addition to any modern music library, and as a Pink Floyd reference book (on the exciting 1978-1981 period) it is second to none.” Noah Lowenstein – University of Texas